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Our show is all about spotlighting you the Entrepreneur. We love motivating you, having fun, sharing knowledge, and having upbuilding conversations centered around Business, Education, Wellness, and Life.

We introduce you to stand-out Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, & Epic Business Leaders that are making a positive impact in the World. It's time for you to come Share, Shine, and Grow on our Show!

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Meet Coach Tina Ramsay

Coach Tina Ramsay is a Homeschooling Mom of two children, wife of almost 20 years and relies on her Strong Faith and Relationship with God to Direct her steps. She’s a 2X Best-Selling Contributor Author on Amazon, Accomplished Magazine Columnist Writer and Blogger that focus on Business, Wellness, and Life. She is the CEO of Epic Business Leaders, , and Executive Producer & Host of The Tina Ramsay Show and Podcast, which is an IMDb accredited TV Show.

She is a certified visibility coach. Coach Tina and her EBL Team specializes in promotional marketing and entrepreneurial services to scale up & develop small businesses. Coach Tina uses her platform, connections, and influence within the industry to position other business owners and entrepreneurs to win. She believes and follow her motto that there is room for EVERYONE AT THE TABLE if you are willing to PUT IN THE WORK!

She is also an Associate Producer & Trainer for ezWay.TV and ezWay Network which reaching 318,000,000 Homes and 245 Countries with SimuTV and Sony. She provides her expertise in OTT TV show development, marketing, through group and private coaching on several tv shows, channels, and events within eZWay Network, EBL Entrepreneurial Services, and Multifarious Studios Productions.

She has received various honors, awards, and has also been interviewed and featured in several magazines, tv shows, podcast, books including being featured on ABC, NBC, CBS Fox, CW, #63 Grammys Billboard, and speaking on several stages sharing her journey all over the world with the top entrepreneurs in the industry.

She is known for her professional work ethic, infectious laughter, southern twang, and heart too help others succeed.

Coach Tina and her team is busy and working hard to reach their goal of collectively educating, positioning ,connecting, and spotlighting 1,000 Entrepreneurs for 2021.

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Myechia Barnett

Myechia is building Websites for anyone who needs one and has built designs for business owners and nonprofits. She plans to add marketing packages on her website as a bonus when you get design done with her company. She also offers interviews on Zoom that is placed on her podcast, YouTube and her social media platforms by exposing other business owners

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Gerry Kane, Financial and Legal Planning for Special Needs

Gerry Kane, an attorney and certified specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law, discusses the importance of proper planning to provide for a lifetime of care for your loved one with special needs. We talk about special needs trusts, ABLE accounts and finding the right person to help you with this process plus much more. He has written a book titled Financial and Legal Planning for a Lifetime of Support for Your Special Child

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